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UNIVERSITY of DEBRECEN, Faculty of Medicine

Outstanding Research Work Award

Outstanding Research Work

Calls for application for the Outstanding Research Work is announced by the Council of SRS in the name of the dean of the Medical Faculty and in this effort (s)he may be joined by deans of other faculties involved in medical and health care education (Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Public Health and Faculty of Health Sciences). Applications may be submitted by students of the abovementioned faculties who has at least one accepted SRS research essay of first authorship OR at least one in extenso publication of first authorship AND has at least 4.0 cumulative credit index. In the case of students in the master’s program, the overall credit index (including the bachelor course too) have to be considered. The followings are considered in preparation of the ranking: SRS research essay(s), in extenso publication(s), conference presentations… The application must be submitted electronically via e-mail to the following e-mail address: Please indicate in the subject of the e-mail that: Application for Outstanding Research Work, and the name of the applicant. Verification of the SRS presentations and research essays will also be done only electronically, the applicant has to fill out the form (see here: and send that electronically. The filled out form ( must be printed and signed by the student then scanned or taken a good quality picture should be sent to together with all certifications of one’s research work. The incorrect or incomplete filling of the forms may lead to the disqualification of the application. Ranking will be presented to the deans of respective faculties and the final decision about both the number of supported applications and the amount of funding will be made by the deans.

application form: