Students’ Research Society

UNIVERSITY of DEBRECEN, Faculty of Medicine

Undergraduate Teaching Assistance scholarship

Unpaid undergraduate teaching assistant scholarship

The application must be made and submitted electronically and must be printed and signed by the student and given to the SRS advisor, after which the SRS advisor passes the application to the administrator of the CSRS (Judit Derzsi, Registrar’s office room 103). The incorrect or incomplete filling of the forms or any difference between the online and printed version may lead to the disqualification of the application.
The most outstanding students at the UD can be involved in education as unpaid undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs). On a proposal by the Council of Students’ Research Society, the contract of employment is granted by the dean of the specific faculty of the UD in which the student works as a UTA. The UTA system aims to acknowledge hard-working and successful students participating in SRS work and teaching. In case of successful scientific work, active UTA work and outstanding academic achievement, the deans of the Faculty of Medicine and of the Faculty of Health Sciences may decide to grant the Pongrác Endes scholarship on the recommendation of the CSRS.
The Pongrác Endes scholarship and the position of unpaid UTA are granted at the beginning of each semester and valid exclusively in that single semester. The deadline for submitting applications cannot be before the end of the first week of education in the program starting the semester the latest (except final year medical training at the Faculty of Medicine, UD). Based on the ranking list, the CSRS offers unpaid UTA positions or refuses to grant a post.

Conditions to take the post of unpaid UTA:
1. at least 14 classes per semester
2. at least 4.0 average credit index (mean of the last two semesters). For sixth-year medical students the average of the two semesters in the fifth year has to be considered. In the case of first-year students in the master’s program, the averages of the last two semesters (including the bachelor course) have to be considered.

A student without an UTA status may also pursue a teaching activity by the decision of the head of a Teaching Organizational Unit (TOU); however, this may not be considered equivalent to a UTA status. The possible remuneration of this activity depends on the decision of the TOU where the student pursues a teaching activity.
The CSRS may have the contents of the applications checked by the Educational Office at the Dean’s Office of the FOM and then it will rank the applications in accordance with the requirements based on SRS and teaching activities.